A Date with Millie (1959) Comic

A Date with Millie (1959)
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Back in the 1960's (though she first appeared in the 1940's) one of Marvel's most oft-appearing characters was Millie the Model who was usually appearing in at least two titles at any one time. Now, although her longest-running series was Millie the Model Comics, around the late 50's she seemed to pick up in popularity and received a new series entitled A Date with Millie Volume 1, however the series only ran seven issues before it met its end. Of course that wasn't the end of Millie as two years later this second series named A Date with Millie came about and also lasted seven issues. At that point Marvel decided to change the name with the eighth issue and it became known as Life with Millie, but once again that didn't prove to be enough and finally the name was changed to Modeling with Millie with issue twenty-one and so the title remained until the series concluded with fifty-four issues.

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