Deathlok (1991) Comic

Deathlok (1991)
  • Other Names

    Deathlok 1991

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    Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright

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    Adventure - Superhero

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Deathlok (1991) Average 3.60/5 - out of 11 total votes.


Michael Collins is trapped in the body of a cyborg killer. Deathlok's quest for his humanity begins here. Will this man-turned-cyborg find the human body he needs to be restored? Witness the strange saga, and origin, of Deathlok! Warwolf is on the loose and destroying evidence against Harlan Ryker, the former boss of Michael Collins (aka Deathlok). The history of how Michael Collins was transformed into Deathlok is revealed. Deathlok is out for one thing, he wants to find his human body and Harlan Ryker is the key to finding it. Will he stop Warwolf from destroying all the evidence against Ryker and will he get Ryker to reveal where his human body is?

Deathlok (1991) chapters (issues)

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