Katy Keene Comic

Katy Keene
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    Katy Keene 1949

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    Bill Woggon

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"Congratulations to Katy Keene"; Having been awarded her own comic book, Katy receives a deluge of letters, phone calls and visits from celebrities; Unfortunately, artist Bill Woggon is so nervous that he spills ink all over their story.
Untitled story; Swami Rivah tells Katy's fortune and tells her she'll star opposite a great male movie star; Katy's co-star turns out to be Laddie, the collie.
Untitled story; Katy and Sis head to the Brown Derby, hoping Katy will be noticed by a big movie producer; Katy talks into a phone at the table to seem like she's in high demand, but is embarrassed when a waiter observes her phone isn't plugged in.
"The Nightmare of Katy Keene"; Katy tries to wear an outfit which will draw her publicity; Instead, surrealist artist Salvador Dali asks to paint her; Katy is outraged by the surrealist picture she inspires.

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