Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD Comic

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD
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Starts off with Nick Fury infiltrating some base, when he is suddenly shot from behind and killed.
However, it is discovered that it was in fact an LMD (Life Model Decoy) of Nick Fury and the killer was the real Nick Fury, who along with Dum Dum Dugan were testing out LMD's as field agents in a simulator room. It is also established that Nick Fury shot the LMD 3 times, but the LMD s reported as being shot 4 times. Nick concludes that someone else believed the LMD was Nick and shot him. The only clue is a card with a scorpion emblem printed on it.
There are also side stories taking place in Las Vegas about a comedian named Flip Mason who has a gambling addiction and owes money to a gangster named Minton Hackett who in turn is apparently going big time in the criminal world. There is also a car race scene showing a driver with a familiar scorpion emblem on his wrist.

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