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She-Hulk by Mariko Tamaki
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(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Nico Leon, Various (CA) Dale Keown Jennifer Walters survived the second superhuman Civil War... barely. Now, she re-enters the world a very different hero. Fueled by a quiet rage, Jen is determined to move forward with her life - but the pain of the past is always there. An undercurrent, a pulse waiting to quicken...and transform her into the one thing over which she has no control! But as Jen returns to legal practice, her newest client struggles with her own dark secrets. And a string of murders soon leaves Jen in over her head as a lawyer. Must she give in to her anger and become the Hulk?! Plus: Faced with a wave of monsters, can Jen help being pulled into the craziness as a force for good? And what happens when the nefarious Leader decrees: Jen Walters must die?! Collecting HULK (2016) #1-11 and SHE-HULK (2017) #159-163.

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