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Sirens Gate
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    Sirens Gate (2022)

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    Shannon Maer

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SHANNON MAER’S 1ST CREATOR-OWNED COMIC! SUPERSTAR ARTIST SHANNON MAER MAKES HIS WRITING AND INTERIOR ART DEBUT! Red-hot artist Shannon Maer's covers have been showcased on some of the best-selling books in the industry, and fans have asked for years when will he draw interiors. Well, wait no more, as Shannon makes his writing and interior art debut with this fiendish tale that explores the very nature of what we call reality, illuminated with the kind of stunning artwork that only he can deliver. Tara, an aspiring writer, has never thought of herself as anyone special. For better or worse, all that is about to change. When a mysterious young man extends an unexpected invitation, Tara is awed at the opportunity to meet with her literary idol, Lady Rose. This unique encounter sparks a series of events, forever thrusting her into a world where vampires, werewolves and all manner of supernatural beings become her new normal. What Tara once assumed to be nothing more than the imagined pages of dark fiction, slowly begins to unravel itself as the true reality.

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